Posted by: wrcnf1 | February 12, 2009

Mark Webber Is Back

Mark Webber was back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car just 81 days after he was involved in a serious road accident while cycling in Australia last November. The accident left Webber with a badly broken leg but the gritty Australian promised to be back for the first test and delivered on his promise.

Tough physiotherapy was the path to full recovery and it included extensive gym and pool work along with an unconventional treatment consisting of standing in a cryogenic chamber for a seconds at a time. The chamber would cause Mark’s temperature to go as low as -130˚C for up to three minutes.  Well it all seemed to work because Webber drove the Red Bull RB5 for a total of 83 laps and in the process set the second fastest time for an ’09 car.

Although a pin was removed from his leg on Thursday there are more pins left in but he doesn’t seem to be too worried about as he joked that there are all nice and light titanium to keep Adrian Newey happy. Webber is now convinced that he will be race-fit for the season opener in Melbourne, Australia as the 80+ laps was longer than the normal race distance and he still has some days of work to go.

I am hoping that Mark is totally ready for the season opener as the battle between him and Vettel could very well be the rivalryof the season.

Read more about Webber’s progress on


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