Posted by: wrcnf1 | April 25, 2009

Weight, Fuel and Predictions

During the post-qualifying press conference Sebastien Vettel jokingly suggested that the Toyota’s would be stopping before him due to low fuel loads and thankfully the FIA is publishing all the weights and fuel loads. The table is quite interesting with the front runners and is shown below.

1. Trulli        1:33.431   648.5   40.5  14.0
 2. Glock         1:33.712   643     35    12.0
 3. Vettel        1:34.015   659     51    17.9
 4. Button        1:34.044   652.5   44.5  15.5
 5. Hamilton      1:34.196   652.5   44.5  15.5
 6. Barrichello   1:34.239   649     41    14.2
 7. Alonso        1:34.578   650.5   42.5  14.7
 8. Massa         1:34.818   664.5   56.5  19.9
 9. Rosberg       1:35.134   670.5   62.5  22.1
10. Raikkonen     1:35.380   671.5   63.5  22.5
11. Kovalainen               678.5   70.5  25.1

Most notably is that Trulli had a blistering one-lap blast to take pole position over his teammate Glock who was fuelled 2 laps lighter. This however still leaves him stopping 3 laps earlier than Sebastien Vettel who is fuelled to lap 17, 2 laps more than Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton who had identical weights. This is great news for the Red Bull team as they were able to beat the Brawns while being heavier and McLaren must be happy that they were able to split the Brawns and beat Renault with similar loads. The team will most likely draw more inspiration from this and keep pressing until they are back at the top of the grid.

The Williams of Rosberg along with the Ferrari’s have been heavily fuelled and will try to get an advantage by being able to stay out longer than the front runners but I doubt they will have the ultimate pace to benefit from this strategy. Outside of the top 10, Kovalainen is fuelled to lap 25 while the BMW’s can run into lap 31 and 32. We’ll have to wait and see if this can work for them as anything can happen on the day.

I think the race will be close between the top four qualifying teams but a safety car period can bring the drivers on long stints into the action. My money for tomorrow is on Sebastien Vettel who will have the early advantage in the first pit stop and has the pace to get away from the Toyota’s and Brawns. The Toyota’s and Brawns should be a good battle and I wont count Lewis out of it now that he has the pace to run at the front. Lets not forget that Trulli won his only race from pole position back in 2005 and maybe he can do it again, it should be an exciting race tomorrow!

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