Posted by: wrcnf1 | June 13, 2009

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

I haven’t had the time recently to blog but I have been keeping a watchful eye on the developing situation with the FIA and the eight FOTA teams who submitted conditional entries. As you will most likely know, the manufacturers want some changes to the proposals for the budget cap and this has caused all the fuss in F1 right now with both parties holding their ground. The situation went from bad to worse today when the FIA published the list of the accepted entries for the 2010 season. See the entry list

The list showed all of this years teams along with the three new teams USF1, Campos and Manor Motorsport. the real problem caused by the list was its showing the Ferrari and Red Bull teams and unconditional entries and the other five FOTA as conditional entries. These unconditional entries were then given one week to change from conditional entries or risk being left out of next years championship. The drama was far from over however as the FIA made the other three entries unconditonal against the will of Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso.

In my opinion this was clearly a case of Mosly attempting to gain an upperhand in this saga by dividing and conquering FOTA and change the image of FOTA unity. FOTA’s quick response to these developments was decisive and showed one voice as a letter was sent to the WMSC stating that all the teams had the same concerns and that the three ‘uncoditional’ entries were submitted against the will of the teams. The letter also asked for the WMSC to intervene in the matter. This was exactly the point that FOTA needed to make to show the FIA that they have every intention to stand their ground and not be bullied by Mosley.  Read the full story here

I can only hope that in this saga the teams stay unified and even though F1 may be dragged through the mud, it is best that at this point a stand is made to ensure that future of F1 is brighter and more importantly free from the clutches of Max Mosley. In the meantime I am going to prepare for a day watching the Le Mans race which promises to be more interesting than recent races in F1.


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